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What's Web Photography?
Professional photographers work with print media, vertical oriented images, CMYK, and they specialize by subject. They're wedding, product, event, fashion, portrait, fine art, sports photographers etc. Web photography is also a specialty. Experienced Web photographers follow best practices and standards for producing optimized images for the Web.

What are the rates for Web photography?
Web design, graphic design, everything we do is priced at a fixed flat fee quote or at our low standard rate.

What do you mean old school, new school?
Old School: I have been designing Websites for over 20 years. I launched my first Website in 1997. New School: Any technical field requires you spend a portion of your time keeping up with new trends, developments and technologies as they become available. It's part of the job. First you do the research then you develop.

What's up with the name Xanvy?
I like how certain letters fit together with other letters and so I bought a few domain names to illustrate. Xanvy is one of these.

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